The Hurssian campaigns began life in 1996 whilst in my final year of university.  There have been three campaigns thus far.  The Orginals follows the original party from their first encounter in September 1996 until 2000.  From 2000 until 2002 a campaign loosely called the Wizards was played on a weekly basis.  From 2004 until the Watch and the Originals have been played on a weekend basis as time permits.  The Watch was also played on a weekly basis between 2014 and 2016.  The next weekend game will be the Originals, scheduled for June 2018.

Originally a 2nd Edition AD&D game, Hurssia has now migrated to D&D 3.5.  In migrating the game I have tried to keep as much of the flavour of the old 2nd Edition.  To this end only a few selected 3.5 options beyond the core rules are allowable in Hurrsia.  There are no plans to convert it again as this process took too long!  

System Downloads

House Rules
My house rules, including available races and classes.  Hurssia is slightly different due to its 2nd Ed heritage.
Spell Point Rules
My version of a spell point system.  This also has its origins in 2nd Ed.
Character Sheet
--Standard D&D 2 Page Sheet
The Splat Chart
Originally drawn up by Messers Brown & Chapman in '97-ish, this has been updated for 3.5 and includes a new take on falling damage
Combat Crib Sheet
... because I don't know 3.5 nearly as well as I used to know 2nd Ed!!!
XP Awards Sheet
18/07/14This is the formula for how I award XP in my 3.5 based games.

World Downloads

Known Hurssia
A map of the parts of hurssia so far explored by the Kursavalians
Key to the above

The Hurssian Calender
How the druidic heirarchy of 2e fits into 3.5 and my own social level system
Tax & Crime
Taxes and crime in Kursaval. The taxation system has been revised, as has the crime and punishment rules. Thanks to Clive for his assistance with the latter.

Campaign Notes

Claire's Site
2001This isn't a PDF, its the second version of Claire's old website. It gives a players eye view of the state of play back in 2001.
Malc's Site
2018Malc's latest game website (external)
The Watch (Nyr'Danr)03/05/16
The original Nyr'Danr watch, this was relevant when we started and for Scenario 401.
The Watch (Rew)
03/05/16The Rew Watch, also with promotion rules and noteable people.  This covers scenario 402 to date.
Caius' Game History
I was going to come up with a background document to remind everyone of the Watch Campaign thus far, but Malc appears to have done a lot of the work for me.

Session Notes

KurngrimScnr 232
2011 & 2014
Kurngrim charts the party's jaunt into Ravenloft to discover the Green Lady.
232 (2014)
234 (2016)

Initiate Skarra's view of the hunting of the Green Lady and the party's journey into the Netherweald.
Brangwen234 (2016)
234 (2018)

Lady Brangwen's notes on the journey into the Netherweald.
Whiteflight234 (2018)
Roan & Whiteflight's notes on the adventures in the Netherweald.
White Boards234 (2018)
Nope, not a distant relation of Whiteflight, but the group's attempt to get the timeline clear in their heads ...

4 to 10
Scenarios 402 to 405.  This includes 4 of the 5 weekend scenarios.  Sadly Malc hadn't made notes on the first, somewhat disasterous, scenario.
Flay11, 12, 13
17, 1819
Sessions 11 - 19 from Scenario 410.
Sessions 20 - 21, 25 from Scenario 413.
Sessions 22 - 23 from Scenario 4f.
Session 24 from Scenario 4g.