Welcome to my roleplaying website ...

This website has the house rules and session notes for the games I run, plus any house rules and session notes from the games i play in.  Most of the notes should download in an Adobe Acrobat PDF.  There are some which may be in Word or Excel format.  They should be virus free.

Hurssia is my D&D game from University days.  It started in 1996 under AD&D (2e) and was played for three campaigns before migrating to 3.5e.  The first two campaigns centred around the party who became the Lords (and Ladies) of Hurssia, now referred to as the 'Originals'.  The third campaign involved the wizards who eventually migrated to Faerlanse.  Since then the occasional City Watch game has been run, along with a re-uniting of the original characters.  Weekend games for the 'Originals' will still be held ever couple of years, whilst the Watch has now resumed on a Monday night.

Weird Wars developed for my campaign run in Andover.  It starts in April 1939 and has thus followed the characters through to the Blitz.  The game was migrated from 3e to 3.5e.  The initial reason was because I had sold my 3e books!  Actually, it was a good move.  I've also included a number of rules amendments and extra detail.  The majority of this has been correcting technical errors with medals, promotions etc., and introducing new class variations to allow a lot more choice.

Games I Play (or played in) is currently in two sections, one for Martyn's Pathfinder game, which ran alternately around my Weird Wars whilst we lived in Andover.  The other is Clive's parlish AD&D.  This was where my gaming all started, way back in 1989 - so really, this is all Clive's fault ;-)